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Higher Logic Online License Agreement

3.3. Comments. The customer or client can provide Looker with suggestions, comments, corrections, ideas, extensions or requests for features, or other information about Looker`s services, documentation, professional services or operations (grouped as “Feedback”). The Client accepts that such feedback is voluntarily given and that Looker may, at its sole discretion, use, disclose, reproduce, modify, market, distribute and use the comments at its sole discretion, without limitation or obligation of any kind. In order to avoid any doubt, the comments do not contain confidential information about customers or customer data. 1.11. “Models,” the methods of logic and data processing programmed in Looker`s data modeling language and used for product configuration. The models consist of customer data belonging to the customer and the underlying product that Looker owns. 8.1. Authority. Each looker and customer assures and guarantees that: he has the full right, power and power to conclude and execute this agreement; the person who signs this agreement on his behalf is a duly empowered representative of that party, who has actually been authorized to execute this agreement; its registration in that country is not contrary to other agreements that would bind it; and it is a legal person with a good reputation in the jurisdiction of its foundation. Unless otherwise stated in this Agreement, the validity of the licence given in this agreement is indeterminate, depending on the level of licence you have chosen at the time of purchase or last upgrade, or, moreover, the licence is periodic and valid for a specified period, for example.

B a month or a year, depending on the specific license level you chose at the time of purchase or the last upgrade. The license takes effect when you install or use the licensed software. You can terminate this license at any time by destroying all copies of the licensed software or returning all copies to AfterLogic. This agreement and the associated license for the licensed software automatically expires without AfterLogic`s notice if you do not comply with any of the terms of this Agreement or if you stop the permanent use of the licensed software for any reason.